Keep the Promises You Make Yourself

It has been a year since I started my monthly newsletter, My Year of Travel. Going into my second year, I am incredibly grateful I kept this promise of a monthly post.

It was a promise I made to myself when I started blogging. I struggled with ship life and the frustration of getting over my fear of posting. So, I promised myself that things would get easier if I could learn to post once a month. Taking that first step to build the habit.

I knew my family and friends were looking for a way to keep up with me while I was traveling because often, things change at the last minute, or I am all over the place. So, I started a newsletter to keep them updated while I worked on finding my voice and building my published works.

I find that sharing my travel plans is the easiest topic to discuss at this moment. There isn’t enough time in the day to keep everyone updated by phone, so having a place where I can share what I have been up to makes it easier to stay connected. Plus, with my ADHD finding one topic at a time and building off that foundation is the only way I am going to make this a full-time career.

I didn’t have a plan once I reached the one-year mark. I just wanted it to be something that I followed through with. I knew it wouldn’t hugely change my life, but in a small way, it helped me grow my writing career. Though I have yet to monetize from the newsletter financially, what I received from it personally outweighs the money. I do have plans to be paid for my craft, but this exercise was meant for me to learn how to share my voice.

My plan for this year is to continue with my monthly newsletter because in order to learn the skills I need to be a successful writer, I must continue to write and publish my work for others to see and discuss. I have also started a Substack to help financially support my writing. This way, I can continue to focus on writing about topics that give positive aspects to my life; those topics deserve to be discussed because they can also help others find themselves.

So, though it seems like a small feat, the fact that I kept my promise of publishing my newsletter once a month means that I will build my self-confidence as a writer and continue to put my work out there. One year down, the rest of my life to go.

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Tell me, Reader, taking a moment to review last year, what is one habit you started and are proud to have stuck with? Comment below!

I hope I have inspired you to pursue your dreams and that you will stick around to see how my journey turns out!


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