Marathon 2025

Week 2: A journey back to a 7:42 mile and completing my first marathon.

Dear Reader,

The one thing you always forget after taking a few months off is how hard it is to get back into the swing of things. 

In 2020, I was on my way to reaching my goal of running a marathon. In May of 2021, I reached my personal best of running a 10k in under an hour, with my fastest mile being 7:42 minutes.

But then, in November 2021, I took the offer to work on a ship and got distracted from my marathon dreams. Now, I am starting from scratch but with a renewed determination. I’m on a mission to make 2025 the year I run my first marathon, and I’m not giving up. 

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When getting back into running, I focus on how my body feels. 

My biggest issue has always been my asthma, but having been running on and off since college, my lung activity has dramatically improved, but it can still leave me in pain towards the end of mile four. 

Yoga and breathing exercises significantly improved my asthma, but the most important thing I needed to do was continue running. 

This time around, though, my legs are hurting. The first thing I notice when I don’t stretch enough or if I did too many miles the day before is that it takes me a while to get warmed up, and I drag my legs. 

I decided to change things for my warm-up and use Julia Reppel’s 8 warm-up video and 10-minute legs by Pamela Reif for my cool-down. These exercises aren’t new to me, and I recommend them to anyone trying to change their fitness plans or even if they are getting into fitness. 

Even with that, my time was still slower than I had hoped, but I am happy that I wasn’t in too much pain while running. So, my goal is to get back to a ten-minute mile.

Once I am at a ten-minute mile, I can focus on hitting my mark of 10k in under an hour. Once that becomes comfortable, it will be time again to set new goals of getting a faster time and increasing my distance.

But one step at a time. These are my current stats for the week, and while I wasn’t happy with my time, the fact that I got out there to run is all that matters. 

Thursday Stats: June 27, 2024

  • Distance: 4 miles 
  • Time: 58.41
  • Fastest Mile: 13:50

Friday Stats: June 28, 2024

  • Distance: 4.01 miles 
  • Time: 1:01:35 
  • Fastest Mile: 14:13

Saturday & Sunday: 

  • Break for family and friends, and a rain-filled weekend.

Mondays Stats: July 1, 2024

  • Lead City took me 2.5 miles to feel good, and then I ran 4.5, but I knew I could do more.
  • Distance: 4.53 miles
  • Time: 1:04:44
  • Fastest Mile: 13:09


  • Yoga Break

Wednesday Stats: July 3, 2024

  • Distance: 4.52 miles 
  • Time: 1:11:26
  • Fast Mile: 15:21


  • Distance: 4.65 miles 
  • Time: 1:14:03
  • Fast Mile: 15:12

It has taken me a long time, but since 2020, I have been in a place where I generally enjoy running, and it has become one of my favorite outdoor activities. I know it isn’t like that for everyone, and I understand that, but even just getting out for a walk could significantly improve your mental health, and I think it is something everyone should do. 

So, I hope to see you out on the trail. 

Thanks for reading!



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