My First Byline

My first byline with Business Insider, and I didn’t choose the title.

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When I saw the opportunity for Business Insider to feature stories about traveling couples, I thought, why not? 

I sent my pitch in about my partner and I, who travel full-time, and within a week, I heard back from one of the editors saying that he wanted to run the story. Here where the terms:

Tentative Headline: I met my partner while traveling full-time. We decided to keep traveling together, but our future is unknown. 

Rate: $220

Deadline: 4/26

Word count: 700 to 800 words

However, I wasn’t too thrilled about the title. Though all relationships are technically “unknown,” for a woman who chooses an untraditional lifestyle, I wanted to write this piece to give other women hope that they could follow their passions and still find a supportive partner. 

So, while I had given an alternative that seemed more optimistic, they went with the clickbait option. Which, at the end of the day, is fine with me as someone who is new to the freelancing world. Seeing that most online publications publish multiple new articles a day, I understand that you have competitors to keep up with, and getting people with a catchy title is the only way to keep readers’ attention. 

No matter how good the material you can’t get them to read it if you can’t catch their eye.

But I am grateful to have the experience of reaching my goal and getting my first byline published with Business Insider; it is a small step but a step in the right direction. 

I hope you enjoy the article: I went on one date with a man, and then we decided to travel together indefinitely. It’s not as romantic as it seems.

Thank you for reading!

Tell me, Reader, what new and exciting goals have you accomplished lately? Comment below!

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