Sailing to Vancouver

I find that the second day after setting a goal is always the hardest, which is probably why most New Year’s Resolutions fall apart by the end of the first week in January. It also doesn’t help that we are still at sea until the 16th. Seeing that we don’t have any guests, there isn’t much work for me to do in the gallery. There is only so much cleaning, inventory, and struggling with MXP, you can do in a day. But I try to focus on tasks little by little, like cleaning up our inbox and packing away the jewelry since we will be in dry-docked; while the contractors are working on the ship, the crew will have a chance to go out in Vancouver. Considering that Covid is still a thing and we are worried about bringing it back onboard, we still have some limitations. Such as restrictions on any crowned or closed areas. Meaning public transportation should be avoided, and shop centers and indoor dining are advised against, even with masks.

While I want to go sightseeing, Staff Caption and I also have a few goals to accomplish. Since we are disembarking in Tahiti in a month, we are trying to find a sailboat to rent so we can sail around for a few weeks. My father thought it was an excellent idea, but once again, my mother thought I would get myself killed. Mainly because that is always her first worry, and she knows nothing about French Polynesian, but once I told her it was like Hawaii, she was more understanding but still skeptical. My siblings, however, are very jealous and hate me but in a good way. I also have some shopping to do, seeing that I didn’t know I would be signing off in Tahiti until I got back on the ship.

Initially, I was supposed to be signing off in Japan, so I planned a month-long trip for the three months I was home. I even had friends who would come and meet up with me so we could travel through Japan together. But the day I was leaving to join the ship in Iceland, my parallel sent me the handover ahead of time as we wouldn’t get a chance to see each other before she left, and informed me that Japan was canceled but didn’t list where we would be going. I was upset because I was looking forward to going to Japan, but I knew I would stay wherever I was disembarking. So I left my Japanese books at home and left for my flight that evening. So besides needing the right clothes for Tahiti, we still need to find a sailboat within the next thirty days. I’m also trying to focus on my time here and ensure everything is right with the gallery. Do I need to be prepared the best I can? Yes, but I don’t want to spend the month obsessing over Tahiti that I miss out on seeing Vancouver, Seattle, and LA and enjoying my time on the ship. So taking things one day at a time, I will do what I can to stay focused present while working towards the future.


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