We Found A Boat!

As you can guess by the title, we found a boat! After waking up to a depressing email from the agent’s local contact, he struggled to find a sailboat and didn’t think it would be possible to find anything. As clients were now finally using their credits from trips that had been canceled during covid—making it impossible for new travelers to find anything available. Luckily, my coworker was unwilling to give up easily and continued searching through different boating websites. Then this morning, as I was getting ready after teaching yoga, I received a call from him to hurry up and come to the gallery as soon as possible. He didn’t tell me why, but as he walked through the door with a massive grin and coffee in hand, I assumed it could only be good news. And sure enough, it was! He had indeed found two more boats, and one of them wanted to have a conference call with us asap. He had seen the sailboats through Samboats.com, and they were a married couple who lived on their sailboat. Usually, they just charted people around as they weren’t comfortable leaving the boat, mainly since they lived on it. But currently, the boat was sitting in the marina as they were on vacation and wouldn’t be using the boat for the two weeks we were inquiring. The conversation went smoothly as the couple felt confident in the Staff Captain’s abilities. He has also lived on his sailboat for six years and sailed around French Polynesian as Safety and Staff Captain of the National Geographic Orion.

The sailboat was precisely what we were looking for, small enough to be manned by two people, and came with all the equipment for fishing, freediving, and navigation that we required. The vessel is a Bénéteau – Oceanis 411 with a masthead sloop rigging and is 41 feet long with a 13-foot beam. It has three cabins comfortably holding six people. Conveniently, this sailboat is very similar to the boat that my coworker owns. Which, of course, is a win-win for us and the owners.

Now I don’t want to get ahead of myself even though we agreed on a price, and they said they would send the contract over for us to sign, which makes things very official, and we feel excellent about it, but I will still be holding my breath until the contract is signed and in own hands. Of course, I know this fear is just coming from the many misfires we have already had while searching for a sailboat. So while I don’t want to get ahead of myself, the other half of me is screaming for joy and extremely relived that we have found a boat! I am also very excited because the couple has sailed all around the world with this boat, and they know French Polynesian very well, which will be helpful when we begin to plan our route for the two weeks. They have already given us a few suggestions and know which areas to avoid and what type of winds are best to enter certain lagoons. It is all very promising, and I am looking forward to this adventure.


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